About No Germs

Some interesting facts that you need to know about us.

Fact no 1: We love killing germs

That’s right.  We admit it.  We are germ killers.  And we are good at it!  Germs that you find in your office environment won’t see us coming!  We wage germ warfare on nasty germs like salmonella, listeria, e. coli and staph bacteria (among others).

At No Germs we have spent the last 15 years cleaning all the gunk, seen and unseen, from computers and office equipment. (View some examples here)  And believe me, we do it so quickly and efficiently germs don’t have time to pack, let alone run away.  We kill those germs on contact.  And we love doing it!

Fact no 2: Our clients love us

And that’s OK with us!  It’s a mutual admiration society when you call in No Germs to clean your office equipment.  We love making your equipment run better, run cleaner and do the job it’s supposed to do without making you sick.  And our clients love us because we know how to do the job right and we care about their health.  We treat your equipment as if it were our own. Read Testimonials.

Fact no 3: We have the skills, experience and know-how

One of the biggest fears most companies have about hiring out to clean their equipment is that they wonder if the contractor knows what they are doing.  You’ve got the spills, we’ve got the skills!

You don’t want to trust your computer or office equipment to a company that arrives with a duster and a spray can.  Our technicians are trained in the delicate cleaning procedures that electronics demand, and we have cleaned thousands of pieces of equipment using specially formulated cleaners.  When we are done, your equipment will be cleaner  and work better too.

We also know that your office equipment is part of what makes your business run.  We work quickly so you can get back to doing what you do best, making money!


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